The online eCommerce market has grown spectacularly in recent years. Not only can you find clothing, food, and electronics online, but you can find medication too. Online pharmacies are becoming increasingly popular. Five years ago, the size of the online pharmacy market was a mere 26 billion USD. Now, experts predict that it has the potential to reach 128 billion USD by 2023. What is the reason behind this phenomenon? Here are some of the benefits and the reasons why people are choosing to purchase their medications with the help of this online platform:

It saves costs 

A clear benefit to buying medicine online is that it can be cost saving. Local pharmacies, as with other high street retailers, incur greater overheads and overall costs of running. Therefore you will often find that goods and services offered at your local pharmacy can cost considerably more when compared to the same items sold online, The same can be said about prescription medication. Private prescriptions, unlike NHS prescriptions, are not subsidized and therefore costs of medication can vary significantly from pharmacy to pharmacy. However, as online pharmacies benefit from lower running costs, they are able to pass these savings onto their patients, and this is reflected in their competitive pricing. Plus, some online pharmacies also offer promotional codes & discounts to patients, like many other online retailers, something you’re not able to take advantage of by going to your local pharmacy.

It’s easy

The other reason that people buy medicine online is that the transaction is easy. If you think about it, visiting your local pharmacist is not always convenient. You need to drive, stand in a long line, consult your pharmacist, and talk about your symptoms for quite some time before you can get your medication. And this is assuming you already have a prescription from your GP or private doctor. As many effective treatments tend to be prescription only medication, scheduling an appointment with your GP can be a difficult and lengthy process, taking an average of 3 weeks to get an appointment. This process is a waste of both time and resources. Additionally, many new-to-market or industry leading treatments are not always available or funded under the NHS, meaning obtaining a prescription is not always guaranteed, especially for lifestyle conditions such as hair loss and erectile dysfunction. For the average person, the entire process can be a huge inconvenience. That’s why purchasing medication from an online pharmacy is a better option. You can browse the website at any time you want. Then, it’s just a matter of completing a medical questionnaire and submitting your order, allowing you to spend your time doing other more productive things while you wait for your delivery.

It can be paid for in a variety of ways 

A good benefit of purchasing online medicine is the variety of payment options available. What would you do if you don’t have the cash to spend at the moment? Online pharmacies have the answer to that question. Many online pharmacies provide you with the option of purchasing now and paying later. If you prefer to pay in cash, however, you do have the option of going down to the local pharmacy if you wish.

It’s discreet

One thing that many people love about purchasing medicine online is an answer to the confidentiality issue. Speaking to a Doctor or Pharmacist about a personal or embarrassing health issue can be a stressful and nervous experience. For some people, picking up a prescription at a local pharmacy can also be an awkward experience. Local pharmacies are often small places, crowded with people from the local area meaning bumping into a neighbour or friend is a very real possibility. Often people waiting in line behind you can also listen in to a confidential conversation or even see the type of medicine that you’re purchasing. If you’re simply picking up some cough medication, this may not seem like too much of a big deal. If however you’re treating an ailment you’d rather not have anyone know about, you may value privacy a little bit more.

Personal health information should be something confidential and you might prefer to keep it between you and your doctor. That’s why buying medicine online is a good idea when it comes to keeping your purchases discreet and confidential.

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