How does Norethisterone work to delay my period?

What are Norethisterone tablets?

Norethisterone, also referred to by its brand name Utovlan, is a synthetic progesterone. Progesterone is a steroid and sex hormone produced by the female ovaries after ovulation, and plays a key role in menstruation (period) as well as pregnancy. It belongs to a group of hormones known as progestogens and is the major progestogen and sex hormone in women.

To understand how Norethisterone tablets work to delay your period, we must first understand how the hormone progesterone acts within the female body during ovulation and pregnancy.  Continue reading “How does Norethisterone work to delay my period?”

FreeStyle Libre Sensors – What are they, and how do they work?

freestyle libre sensor
FreeStyle Libre Sensor available at Smart Chemist

Why do we need a new system to measure blood glucose?

When it comes to measuring blood glucose levels, patients suffering from diabetes have seen very little in the way of innovation to make the entire process of testing blood glucose levels less painful and more streamlined. Historically, patients suffering from Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, who regular test their blood glucose levels, have had to perform the often painful and damaging procedure of finger pricking. This is necessary as current technology for measuring blood glucose requires the patient to provide a minute blood sample in the form of a blood droplet, to get an accurate reading of current glucose circulation in the blood. Unfortunately, although glucose monitors themselves have become more technologically advance, allowing patients to transfer and monitor readings on their smartphone or mobile device, the method of testing itself has remained the same.  Continue reading “FreeStyle Libre Sensors – What are they, and how do they work?”

Viagra Connect – What You Should Know?

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Viagra Connect has taken the health sector and men’s health world by storm. It is now a hot topic in pharmacies and amongst doctors and consumers. Here, we give you a brief understanding of the product and the reasons for launching it:

What is Viagra Connect?

Viagra Connect is a new name of the new version of Sildenafil (branded as Viagra), an effective treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The drug maker, Pfizer, plans to release this new medication in early spring of 2018 after receiving approval for sale in the U.K from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Viagra Connect contains the same ingredient as regular Viagra. It will be available to men of age 18 and above.  Continue reading “Viagra Connect – What You Should Know?”

Spedra (vs Viagra) – A Guide to Help You Select Effective Treatment for ED

ED Treatment

Spedra is a relatively new treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), one of the most common sexual health problems faced by men worldwide. The active ingredient in Spedra, avanafil, is a type of drug called a PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitor. Spedra has sparked interest in the healthcare and men’s health communities with its promising results.

After the success of Spedra, a lot of people are asking this question – can it outperform Viagra which holds a dominant position in the market?

Over here we discuss the key differences between the two ED treatment options for a better understanding:

Spedra works more quickly than Viagra

Spedra works faster as compared to Viagra. While Viagra has to be taken at least 1 hour prior to sexual activity, Spedra works in just 30 minutes.  It can even take as little as 15 minutes to work. Spedra works best when taken on an empty stomach.    

Spedra can last longer

While Viagra generally lasts for around 4 hours, Sepdra can last up to 6 hours for some men.

Which treatment is the most effective?

There have been no head-to-head clinical trials between Spedra and Viagra. Therefore, there is no concrete information as to which treatment option works the best for ED.

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