What is Imigran Nasal Spray?

Imigran Nasal Spray is a popular prescription only medication used in the treatment of migraine. Migraines are defined as moderate to severe headaches presenting as a throbbing pain on the side of the head. They are often accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, as well as a heightened sensitivity to light and/or sound, referred to as aura. In certain individuals these associated symptoms can be experienced without a headache in what is called a silent migraine.

Containing the active ingredient sumatriptan succinate, Imigran nasal spray is an effective treatment for the relief of migraine and migraine associated symptoms


Is Imigran safe for me?

You can use Imigran to treat your migraine as long as you do not suffer from the following conditions: hypertension (also referred to as high blood pressure), poor blood circulation in the arms and legs or liver problems. It is safe to use as long as you are not allergic to the active drug itself, sumatriptan. Imigran nasal spray cannot also be used by those with a history of heart problems such as strokes nor can it be used by people who are currently taking antidepressants.

There are particular kinds of migraines where it can’t be used and some kinds of anti-migraine medicines that it cannot be used with simultaneously, so it is best to consult your GP first before using this spray, or alternatively you can speak to one of our expert Pharmacists. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also consult with their GP before using this nasal spray.


How can Imigran help me?

The nasal spray works by widening the constricted blood vessels in your head and allowing more blood and oxygen to flow towards the brain. The active ingredient of Imigran, sumatriptan, is the one that will selectively block serotonin receptors in the brain, which trigger the constriction of your head’s blood vessels, in turn producing tangible relief for you.


How do I use it?

If you have colds, expel the mucus or any other obstacles within the nasal cavity before using this spray. Then, sit down in a comfortable position. Hold the spray button with your fingers and thumb but don’t press it down yet. Block one of your nostrils by pressing your finger on one side of your nose. Put the nozzle of the nasal spray into the unblocked nostril but only as far as it feels comfortable for you.

Breath out of your nose and then as you gently breathe in again press the spray plunger. Remove the spray bottle away from your nose and free up the other nostril. Breathe in and out only through your mouth and keep your head upright for 20 seconds. Dispose of the spray bottle as it will be fully emptied when used.


How can I have the best results with Imigran?

The first thing you should do is to ensure you administer the medication correctly. Second, you should try to learn and understand what can trigger your migraine. Although the exact cause of migraines is still unknown, some specific triggers can bring on migraines: Hormonal changes associated with menstruation periods; emotional changes such as anxiety, tension, and depression; lack of sleep; fatigue; poor posture; low blood sugar; and neck or shoulder tension are among possible triggers.

Triggers can also be found in the food you eat such as drinks and food containing caffeine, the serotonin in chocolate, alcohol, citrus fruits, cheese, and even if you skip meals.

For some patients, bright lights, cigarette smoke, LED screens on gadgets, and loud noises can trigger their migraine. Taking some kind of contraceptive pills, undergoing hormone replacement therapy, and using sleeping tablets may have the headache as their side effect.

If you are aware of this assortment of triggers, you can avoid them or institute mitigating measures. Noting your instances of migraine in a diary can also help you and your doctor from identifying the most likely triggers.

You can record the time it began, when it happened, if there were warning signs that came before it, what you felt, the time and date the migraine episode ended, and anything you have eaten or any medicines are taken before, during, and after the migraine attack. If the symptoms are persisting despite taking anti-migraine treatments, seek your GP’s advice. They might give you further, or they might be able to refer you to a specialist when needed.


How and where can I buy Imigran Nasal Spray?

At Smart Chemist we provide access to Imigran Nasal Spray through our migraine relief clinic, part of our online pharmacy services, all from the comfort of your own home. You can buy Imigran if you feel other over the counter painkillers are not working for you.

You will be required to fill in a short online questionnaire so that the doctors behind our online service can check if the medication is right for you. If they deem it safe for you to use, we will have our London based pharmacy team deliver your Imigran Nasal Spray directly to you.

If you’re looking to buy Imigran Nasal Spray online, visit Smart Chemist today for a seamless and headache free journey to migraine relief! We’re an online pharmacy that delivers right to your doorstep. To find out what other migraine relief medication is available at Smart Chemist, visit our migraine clinic or read our article on the best tablets to treat a migraine. Alternatively you can get in touch with a member of our pharmacy team to see how we can help. Smart Chemist – the smart choice for your health.

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