What are Norethisterone tablets?

Norethisterone, also referred to by its brand name Utovlan, is a synthetic progesterone. Progesterone is a steroid and sex hormone produced by the female ovaries after ovulation, and plays a key role in menstruation (period) as well as pregnancy. It belongs to a group of hormones known as progestogens and is the major progestogen and sex hormone in women.

To understand how Norethisterone tablets work to delay your period, we must first understand how the hormone progesterone acts within the female body during ovulation and pregnancy. 

The role of Progesterone in the body

Progesterone is often referred to as the pregnancy hormone. This is due to its positive effects on the uterus, enabling it to accept and maintain an egg after fertilization.

During your period progesterone levels are initially low, however once ovulation has occurred, progesterone levels in your body are elevated and reach their peak over the next 5 days, following release of an egg. During this time your body is heightened for fertilization, and it is within these few days that you are most likely to become pregnant. This is because high progesterone levels prevent contractions from occurring within the uterus, which would usually result in the rejection of an egg. By temporarily preventing these contractions, progesterone creates an environment of high fertility by enabling the implantation, and maintenance, of a fertilized egg within the uterus. If during this period you become pregnant, progesterone helps to create the perfect environment for development of the fertilized egg.

How does Norethisterone delay my period?

Now that we know the role of progesterone in the body, and that norethisterone is a synthetic form of the hormone progesterone, we can begin to understand how norethisterone tablets work to delay your period. Before the start of your period, low levels of progesterone in the blood signal to your body to begin shedding the lining of your uterus, thus beginning your period. By taking Norethisterone tablets, the levels of progesterone in your blood remain elevated, preventing the onset of your period until the medication is stopped. Your period will usually begin 2-3 days after treatment with Norethisterone has ceased. It is important to note that norethisterone 5mg tablets (period delay) should not be used as a form of contraception and will not work to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Can I buy norethisterone tablets to delay my period?

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