For those who have suffered from migraines before,  they will know that a migraine can be debilitating, hindering your ability to continue with day-to-day tasks and often resulting in a loss of productivity and negatively effecting the suffers health. To find out what effective treatments are available to treat migraine headaches, it is important that we first understand what a migraine is.

What is a migraine?

A migraine involves a moderate to severe headache, which often presents itself as a throbbing pain on either side of the head. For many people, migraines are accompanied by additional symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and/or sensitivity to light or sound. Although people of any age can experience a migraine, it is more common for them to begin in young adulthood and are more likely to present in women. Studies have shown that approximately 1 in 5 women have experienced a migraine compared with just 1 in 15 men. This means that women are 3 times as likely to suffer from migraines at some stage in their life when compared to men.  Although the range of symptoms for migraine remain fairly similar, for most people the severity and frequency of migraines differ.  This means that individual suffers of migraine often experience different symptoms, with varying levels of severity and impact on their daily lives. Frequency of migraine attacks can vary from 1-2 a week to 1-2 a month. The length of time each migraine presents itself for is also different from person to person. Some individuals may experience a migraine for a few hours whereas others may find that their migraines can last 1-2 days.

What causes a migraine?

There has been a wealth of research carried out to try and understand and decipher the root cause of migraine headaches, however the exact cause still remains unknown and is not yet fully understood. It is believed that symptoms associated with migraine occur as a result of physical changes affecting the blood vessels in the brain. Temporary widening (or dilation) of these blood vessels, believed to be triggered by chemicals located within the brain, are thought to be the cause of migraine and its associated symptoms.

How do you treat a migraine?

As studies have shown that migraine and its associated symptoms are closely linked with the widening of blood vessels in the brain, the most effective migraine treatments work to counteract this phenomenon. The migraine treatments available to buy online at Smart Chemist are grouped into a class of drugs referred to as ‘Triptans’. This class of drugs are selective serotonin (5HT) receptor agonists, which work to treat migraine and its symptoms by stimulating serotonin receptors in the brain, resulting in the narrowing (or constriction) of the effected blood vessels, returning them back to their original state.

What are the best migraine tablets you can buy online?

At Smart Chemist you can buy prescription migraine tablets online for fast and effective relief of migraine associated headaches.

You can buy Imigran tabets – a prescription medication containing the active ingredient Sumatriptan, designed to effectively treat the cause and symptoms of migraine. You can also buy Sumatriptan tablets online, a medically equivalent low cost alternative. We also offer Imigran Nasal Spray as a faster acting alternative form to Imigran tablets.

Also available to buy online are Zomig tablets,  a prescription only medication containing the active ingredient Zolmitriptan, licensed for use in the treatment of migraine headaches. You can also buy Zolmitriptan tablets online, a medically equivalent low cost alternative.

The last prescription only migraine medication available to buy online at Smart Chemist is Rizatriptan. Available to buy as Maxalt Melt, a orodispersible wafer, and Maxalt tablets. You can also buy Rizatriptan tablets online, a medically equivalent low cost alternative to Maxalt tablets.

For more information on the best migraine tablets, or if you need help to buy migraine tablets online, speak to a member of the Smart Chemist Pharmacy team today.