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Maxalt Melt 10mg Lyophilisates is a prescription only medication containing the active ingredient Rizatriptan. It is a common medication used to treat migraine headaches, and come in the form of oral wafers (lyophilisates) which dissolve in the mouth for fast and effective relief. It relieves the pain of a throbbing headache, which is the most common symptom of migraine. It can also help to alleviate other, less common symptoms, such as aura or flashing lights, speech problems and co-ordination difficulties. The active ingredient, Rizatriptan, belongs to a class of medication known as triptans. Unlike other forms of pain relief commonly used to treat migraines, Maxalt Melts work to treat the source of the migraine instead of the symptoms, resulting in a more effective form of migraine relief. Triptans such as Rizatriptan are often used when traditional methods of pain relief have failed to treat a migraine. For more information regarding migraine relief tablets or if you require help to buy Maxalt Melt 10mg Lyophilisates online, speak to a member of the Smart Chemist team today.

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Why choose Maxalt Melt?

Migraine headaches can be debilitating, making it difficult to continue with day to day tasks and often resulting in the need to take time out from work. This creates not only a physical burden on the sufferer, but also a financial one. As migraine headaches can exhibit more than one symptom, for instance sensitivity to light (or aura), it is difficult to treat migraines with traditional forms of pain relief. As a result, Maxalt Melt 10mg Wafers provide a fast and effective solution to treating your migraine. Unlike regular painkillers, Maxalt Melt works by targeting the cause of migraine headaches, reversing the widening of blood vessels in the brain back to normal, providing effective migraine relief. Additionally Maxalt Melt 10mg comes in the form of a wafer (or Lyophilisate), a fast acting formulation which dissolves in the mouth, allowing for a faster onset of action and greater relief. Buy Maxalt Melt 10mg Wafers online at Smart Chemist from £29.99. For more information on migraine relief tablets speak to a member of the Smart Chemist team today.

What dose should I choose?

The recommended starting dose for Maxalt Melt 10mg Lyophilisates, in accordance with the British National Formulary (BNF) is 10mg to be taken as a single dose as soon as possible after onset of a migraine. Followed by 10mg after a minimum of 2 hours if required, only if the migraine recurs. The maximum daily dose is 20mg in 24 hours.

How should I take Maxalt Melt?

When taking Maxalt Melt, a single wafer should be allowed to dissolve on the tongue or in the mouth, soon after onset of a migraine. It is best taken on an empty stomach or an hour before food, although if necessary it can be taken after a meal. If your symptoms persist and second dose should not be taken. If, however, your symptoms improve and the migraine reoccurs after at least 2 hours, you should take a 2nd dose.

How does Maxalt Melt work?

It is thought that migraines occur as a result of serotonin - a natural chemical messenger in the brain - causing the blood vessels in the head to widens. Maxalt Melt contracts the vessels back to their normal width, relieving the symptoms associated with migraines. 

Migraine associated headaches are thought to occur due to excess serotonin in the brain, resulting in the widening of blood vessels. This dilation triggers the onset of a migraine. Rizatriptan, the active ingredient of Maxalt Melt, works to treat migraine headaches by constricting the blood vessels in the brain, providing effective relief. It does this by selectively target serotonin receptors.

What are the side effects of Maxalt Melt?

Common side effects associated with Maxalt Melt 10mg Lyophilisates include: flushing, tingling sensations, drowsiness, dry mouth and nausea. For more information speak to one of our expert Pharmacists at Smart Chemist..