FreeStyle Libre Sensor

As low as £54.95

For use with FreeStyle Libre reader. The FreeStyle Libre sensor measures and stores glucose readings without having to utilise traditional finger prick methods. It represents new technology that is different to traditional blood glucose monitoring and makes glucose testing hassle-free, and provides greater convenience.

The FreeStyle Libre sensor automatically measures and continuously stores glucose readings day and night. The sensor updates the glucose result up to every minute and stores up to 8 hours of glucose readings in 15 minute intervals. Can be worn for up to 14 days

You can buy Abbott FreeStyle Libre Sensors online at Smart Chemist for £54.95. For more information regarding the sensor, speak to a member of our Pharmacy team today. 

Patient information

*Always read the patient information leaflet before starting your treatment.

How does the FreeStyle Libre Sensor work?


The FreeStyle Libre sensor is applied on to the back of the upper arm with a simple, disposable device called an applicator. When the sensor is applied, a thin, flexible and sterile fibre is inserted just under the skin. It is held in place with a small adhesive pad. In a study conducted by Abbott Diabetes Care, users agreed that inserting the sensor was no more painful than a typical finger prick test.


To obtain a glucose reading, simply perform a quick, painless 1-second scan of the reader over the sensor. This scan gives you more information than monitoring with blood glucose test strips, without the need for routine finger pricks. The FreeStyle Libre system also offers FreeStyle Libre software to generate concise reports to assist with the analysis of glucose data.


Each scan of the reader over the sensor gives a current glucose reading, the last 8-hours of glucose history, and a trend arrow showing if glucose is going up, down, or changing slowly. The reader can scan through clothing.

Choosing the correct site?

Your sensor is the key to getting your complete glucose picture so don't forget to choose the site correctly and apply your sensor with care:

  • Select an area of skin on the back of your upper arm that generally stays flat during normal daily activities (no bending or folding). 
  • Avoid areas with moles, scarring or tattoos. 
  • Choose a site that is at least 2.5cm (1 inch) away from an insulin injection site. 
  • To prevent discomfort or skin irritation, you should select a different site other than the one most recently used.

How do I prepare my skin?

Depending on the type of skin surface you wish to apply the FreeStyle Libre Sensor to, in order to improve adhesion of the sensor first:

  • clean the skin with soap and water (if necessary)
  • dry the skin to ensure there is no residual moisture
  • clean the skin with an alcohol wipe and allow skin to air dry (do not blow on it) before proceeding.

How do I apply the FreeStyle Libre Sensor?

  • Open the Sensor Pack by peeling off the lid completely. Unscrew the cap from the sensor applicator and set the cap aside.
  • Line up the dark mark on the Sensor Applicator with the dark mark on the Sensor Pack. Press firmly down on the sensor applicator until it comes to a stop.
  • Place the Sensor Applicator over the prepared site and push down firmly to apply the sensor to your body.
  • Gently pull the Sensor Applicator away from your body. The Sensor should now be attached to your skin.
  • Make sure the Sensor is secure after application. Put the cap back on the Sensor Applicator. Discard the used Sensor Pack and Sensor Applicator according to local regulations.

Need help with your FreeStyle Libre Sensor?

For further detailed information on how to apply the FreeStyle Libre Sensor click here to watch an instructional video

Alternatively if you need to speak to one of our experts, or if you need help in buying the FreeStyle Libre Sensor online, you can call a member of the Smart Chemist team on 0203 167 8789